Chinagoods Platform, the Official Website of Yiwu Market, Makes Trade Easier

The official website of Yiwu market, Chinagoods platform launch conference The official website of Yiwu market – was officially launched on October 21st. Chinagoods platform is developed and operated by Yiwu China Commodities City as well as serving 2 million small and micro enterprises in the upstream of the industrial chain with the resource of

Metatron Promises a Revolution in Crypto with Next Generation Staking Powered by TRON

The all in one platform for cryptocurrency staking and yield farming promises utmost security for investors through its deflationary XM Tokens. San Francisco – Metatron is a next generation staking platform powered by TRON. The platform is gearing up for revolution in the cryptocurrency market by introducing the first all in one DeFi (decentralized finance) tools.

XanPool Launches XanPay – New and More Efficient form of Payment Routing

Reducing Cross Border Routing and Settlement Costs For Payment Service Providers and Their Merchants. Hong Kong – Hong Kong-based Fintech Company XanPool (the “Company”) having just raised raised it’s US$4.3 million in a Pre-A financing last quarter, is pleased to announce that it has launched its latest, product XanPay. XanPay is a unique payment routing

RACE (Real Assets Community Economy) Announces a Digital Assets and Real Estate Platform

To Develop a Decentralized Protocol to Facilitate Secure Cross-Border Investments for Investors, Asset Owners and Property Developers in a Post-COVID-19 World – RACE™ (Real Assets Community Economy), a digital real estate ecosystem to facilitate asset and real estate capital transactions for Owners and Developers. – RACE™ plans to provide investors’ access to institutional-grade assets while

Jeevesh Sabharwal Ensuring A New Dimensional Shift Towards Faith-Based Tourism

The tourism industry has been constantly innovating itself to meet the demands of the Generation Y.  To cater to the growing needs of travellers, many businesses and entrepreneurs have started offering comprehensive faith-based tourism products and services. One such initiative has been started by Jeevesh Sabharwal, the founder and CEO of Horizon Construction. Under the

Pace Diagnostics Initiates Crowdfunding Campaign for Help to Launch their affordable Home Antigen Rapid Detection Test

(MONROVIA, CA): Pace Diagnostics, an emerging California-based biotech start-up, has initiated a crowd-funding campaign for help to launch a novel and sensitive COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Detection Home Test that will boost the accessibility of COVID-19 testing worldwide. A second corona virus wave is sweeping continental Europe, with new infection records broken daily in many countries.

Blockchain-based Platform is on developing for the new smart city in South Korea and BINT Protocol

The city of Sejong, administrative capital of South Korea is the first ground that the country’s Government tested for the development of smart city solutions. And this very first smart city project, involving residents using self-driving or ride-sharing cars powered by electricity, the 5G network monitoring the traffic and transportation in real-time is soon to be

STAX sets up Australia’s first IPO to accept cryptocurrency

Melbourne, Australia – As Australia’s first capital raising platform to accept both AUD and cryptocurrency, we are thrilled to announce that our client, West Coast Aquaculture Group Ltd (WCA) is currently accepting USDT (also known as Tether) as part of its capital raise prior to floating on the Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX). Souce link